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Essential Vitamins for Skin Care : Beauty Tips

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Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips >>  Essential Vitamins for Skin Care >> keep your skin nourished and protected by enriching it with vitamins.  Choosing the right vitamin for your skin is essential.  You need to know what vitamins to use to boost the result or effectiveness.  Take a look at the vitamins that suit your skin needs.

The skin care industry is revolutionizing by adding natural ingredients into their products.  AHAs and Alpha-Lipoic Acids are just few of the essential ingredients to create an excellent skin care product.  Natural and organic ingredients have antioxidants that help deliver great results.   Here are few of the mostly used vitamins in skin care:

Vitamin A
It is the most popular vitamins because it contain anti-aging properties.  Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A is the main component for anti-aging products.  There are two compounds which are retinol and retinyl palmitat.  Among the two compounds retinol is said to be more effective than retinyl palmitat.  Retinol are used as a night care routine because of its photo sensitivity.

Vitamin B
The best moisturizer is vitamin B.  It helps enclose the moisture in skin.  Most hair care products also use vitamin B.  There are a lot components found in vitamin B.  B3 or niacin, B5 or pantothenic acid and B7 or biotin.  If you have dry skin make sure that your skin care regimen have vitamin B.


Vitamin for Skin
Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)
It is considered to be a miracle vitamin because of its free radicals that can help prevent aging and firm skin.  Many cosmetic companies are adding vitamin c into their skin products.  But this vitamin is highly unstable compared to other vitamins.  It should be stored in a cool dark place or the fridge to keep its vitamins.

Vitamin K

This vitamin helps rid off dark circles under the eyes.  However, pregnant women should stay away from this vitamins and those that are taking blood thinning medications.

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