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Created 10 foods, 40 recipes

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Sick of staring at your open fridge, wondering what the hell you’re going to make for dinner? It's time to get inspired: we’ve picked 10 of the tastiest, healthiest, most versatile ingredients and created 40 recipes – from soup to pasta to paella – that are fast and easy to prepare. Plus, they're ridiculously good for you. As long as you have these 10 items (plus some basics) on hand, you’ll be able to make a satisfying meal every night – minimal fridge-gazing required. All recipes serve 2, unless otherwise stated.


BABY SPINACH (washed, stems removed) Superfood! Almost kJ-free, but packed with nutrients.

CHICKEN BREASTS (boneless, skinless, fat trimmed) Top source of lean protein. Go organic

EGGS (large) Provides 11 vitamins and minerals, plus protein and good fats

GOAT’S CHEESE Great source of calcium and appetite-regulator tryptophan

MUSHROOMS (mixed, wild) An excellent source of cancer-fighter selenium

PRAWNS (fresh or frozen, large) Extra low in fat, great source of protein and omega-3s

RISONI PASTA Good source of carbs, plus folate and amino acids. Low in fat.

SALMON (fillet – choose wild, not farmed) High in protein and good fats, plus super high in vitamin D

SHALLOTS High in vitamins A, B6 and C, manganese, folate and potassium

TORTILLAS (wholegrain, large) Low in fat, high in fibre, great source of complex carbs.

IN THE CUPBOARD breadcrumbs • chicken stock (salt-reduced) • flour, Dijon mustard • extra virgin olive oil • canola oil • olive-oil cooking spray • soy sauce • sugar • Tabasco sauce • red and white vinegars • red and white wine.

IN THE FRIDGE butter • low-fat mayonnaise • low-fat sour cream.

FRUIT, VEG & LEGUMES cannellini beans (400g can) • garlic • lemons and limes • raisins • diced tomatoes (400g can).

DRIED HERBS & SPICES chilli flakes • chilli powder • coriander • cumin • curry powder • fennel seeds • ginger • oregano • pepper • rosemary • saffron and/or turmeric • salt • sesame seeds • tarragon • thyme.

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