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7 Habits That Will Kill Your Sex Drive

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Habits That Will Kill Your Sex Drive. Is your sex drive more slippery slide than roller-coaster ride? Check out if your daily routine is to blame.

1. You love your Sunday morning lie-in

If you're so exhausted you've lost interest in sex, perhaps you can blame your weekend lie-ins. You call it catching up on sleep, but experts call it a disrupted sleep schedule, and it plays havoc with your natural cycle, which, in turn, makes you tired, grumpy and in no mood for sex. Keep to a regular schedule, waking up at roughly the same time every day, and your libido will thank you for it.

2. You always follow the sex script

Once a relationship settles in to long-term status, sex can become routine. Sex therapist Matty Silver explains, "When people get together, there's all this lust. It lasts up to three years, but then it disappears, which is normal." But how to beat boredom? "Sex is meant to be fun; it's the way adults play with each other," says Anne Hollonds, CEO of Relationships Australia NSW. So think about improvising.

3. You're connected - to the net

Thanks to technology, we've never been more in touch with our friends, family and the world. But regularly taking your iPhone or laptop to bed with you, as 87 per cent of us do*, may mean the only hook-up happening is the one with the internet. Not only can it disrupt sleep, but focusing on your laptop means you're not connecting with your partner. "What you're doing is avoiding each other," says Hollonds. "You're missing out on opportunities to create intimacy." So get in the habit of chatting before bed, and you're far more likely to connect between the sheets.

4. You do everything together

Getting too comfortable with each other can make it difficult to ignite that spark. "Wanting to spend 24/7 together can kill sexual intimacy," warns Hollonds. As can seeing your partner cutting his toenails. Spend some time apart and you'll reunite refreshed and ready for action. And remember, some things are meant to be private.

5. You're addicted to chick flicks
There's nothing wrong with grabbing some popcorn and settling in to watch The Notebook. But, surprise, surprise, Hollywood doesn’t offer the best relationship road map. "Rom-coms leave us expecting a lot," says Hollonds. "Often we have a skewed idea of what sex is going to be like." She adds, "It's not the grand gesture that makes a difference; it's the little things you do every day that create an environment of emotional intimacy that supports intimacy."

6. You open that second bottle

One or two drinks can blitz your inhibitions so you're raring to go. But more than that and arousal diminishes. Associate Professor Chris McMahon, director of the Australian Centre for Sexual Health, says, "As women's blood alcohol levels increase, it's going to take them longer to have an orgasm, and it's less intense."

7. You hit the couch, not the streets

What aids weight loss, gives you energy, prevents disease, busts stress and boosts your mood? You already know - exercise. And studiesshow it amps up your sex life because it improves cardiovascular function and circulation. Weight training is a great sex-life booster - it naturally lifts levels of testosterone, which increases libido in both men and women.

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