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Boost your sex stocks

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Boost your sex stocks
kiss me...

Create a situation where women see you as too good an investment to lose.
THE THEORY “Loss aversion dictates that the dissatisfaction a person feels when losing something outweighs the satisfaction they gain from a proportionate event,” says Harvard economist David Laibson. “In fact, the psychological impact of a loss is twice as powerful as that of a gain.”

THE PRACTICE Zero in on women who look different from you. UK research from the University of Sheffield found women are attracted to men whose genetic make-up is unlike their own, as it increases their chances of healthy offspring. This is where loss aversion comes in. The rule dictates that the non-doppelgängers won’t let you slip away, as they’re biologically driven to see you as a good snare.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Once you have her name, keep using it. “First names personalise the encounter,” says Wiseman, “and make a woman feel valued.” It’s a quick-win strategy to ensure you monopolise the room.


When you have singled out the girl for you, let her know she’s in for an easy ride.
THE THEORY “Equity theory tells us people are motivated by the perception of reward compared to the effort that goes into acquiring it,” says Tim Harford, the author of The Undercover Economist.

THE PRACTICE Entice her with a quick reward. Buy her something other than house white – this signals you’re a cut above the rest. Then, use hand gestures. “Animating your words with your hands communicates a big personality and shows that you’re both expressive and passionate,” says body-language expert Dr Geoff Beattie.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Make yourself an easy acquisition by working on a “golden ratio” physique. A study in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed women feel the pull of desire most when looking at guys whose shoulders measure 1.6 times the size of their waists. “Overhand chin-ups and shoulder flexions on a Swiss ball will carve a classic V-shape,” says conditioning coach Dax Moy.


After you’ve bought her a pricey drink, put away your wallet to make the next date a success.
THE THEORY Suggesting a fun yet low-cost venue will tap into one of economics’ most famous tenets. “Diminishing returns occur when one factor is fixed,” says Landsburg. “So if your date is the fixed factor and her money is the variable, she has to be convinced that she’s not going to spend more money and get less fun.”

THE PRACTICE Don’t worry that she might baulk at thriftiness. A poll by zoosk.com found 92 per cent of single women are open to “cost-neutral” hook-ups, so brave an open mic night or find a corner of tranquillity for a picnic.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE At the end of the night, seal the deal with a hug rather than aiming for the lips. Research from the University of Washington found that she’ll get a bigger rush of the love hormone oxytocin.

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