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Hidden benefits of sex

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Hidden benefits of sex.Notches on your bedpost aren’t just good for the psyche – you’ll receive a wealth of health benefits by having sex.


Give your arm muscles a workout while giving her a workout with your love muscle.

“Use your thighs to support the backs of her legs and place a pillow under her hips. Place the back of her knees in the crook of your elbow, as if you were lifting barbells,” suggests psychologist and sex writer Dr Pam Spurr. “By doing ‘curls’ with your entire arm, not only will you see the results of all your hard work, but she’ll also feel internal G-spot stimulation.”

As a bonus, your thrusting will certainly cause her breasts to jiggle becomingly. You don’t get that from burly personal trainers.


Sensually scrubbing each other in the shower is a great way to boost circulation, which improves the immune system.

Use a soap containing licorice scent – it raises blood flow to your penis by 31 per cent, according to Dr Alan Kirsch of the Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago.
Try Coal Face by Lush, which combines licorice root and sandalwood fragrances.

Smother your honey in honey and combine the benefits of some sweet loving with the skeleton-boosting properties in the sticky stuff – it helps calcium stick to your bones.

When US researchers at Purdue University fed rats 800 milligrams of honey a day, their calcium-absorption rates rose by 34 per cent, so it could slow the bone erosion that comes with ageing.

You might think that getting some five nights a week would raise your risk of a stroke, but University of Bristol scientists say the opposite is true. Not only are men who have sex at least twice a week less likely to have a stroke, but all that steamy exercise may also help reduce your heart-disease risk by up to a third.

Add acai smoothies to your diet. This Amazonian superfruit is nature’s berry-shaped Viagra.

“Acai fruit is one of the best foods for men with erectile problems,” says Dr Mary Ellen Camire from the University of Maine in the US. “They’re loaded with soluble fibre, which helps push excess cholesterol through your digestive system.”

Freeing up your red stuff means more blood to your penis, which means stronger erections.

Add the kink factor to your bedroom repartee. Tie your lady to the bed with silk scarves and watch the weight fall off. (Yours, not hers.) “If you’re doing twice the work, you’ll burn twice the kilojoules,” says Spurr. You and your partner burn 150kJ in 20 minutes getting down and dirty. Certainly beats push-ups.

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