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How to Make 15 minute orgasm

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How to Make 15 minute orgasm  = difficult or easy ?

Act one: a scene that repeats itself millions of times per night around the world.
Man finally gets to go downtown and fumbles to get his hand where it counts.
Man starts random up-and-down or circular motion, hoping to God he can hit the spot and not be surprised.
Woman moans and man thinks he’s doing well.
Woman stops moaning.
Man shifts technique or goes into hyperdrive, and woman asks him to slow down a bit.
Man slows down, and exactly five seconds of mild positive response later, nothing.
Man feels like a dog trying to open a door with no thumbs.
Woman gently stops his increasingly erratic attack after 10 minutes. Best case, they move on to something the man can understand.
You know, like penis in vagina.
Sound familiar? It’s time for a change of scene. Enter...

The 15-minute orgasm

Most men would be the first to admit they’re not fans of asking for directions. But they’ll happily read a manual – especially one that tells them how to make you orgasm in a new way.

When US entrepreneur and author Timothy Ferriss interviewed sex educator and adult movie star Nina Hartley he came across the One Taste method (onetaste.us) – a slow and meditative routine where a man strokes a woman on the upper quadrant of her clitoris for 15 minutes. Ferriss tried it on his girlfriend. The results? His lucky lady had two strong orgasms, plus an extended 15-minute orgasm.

Nice one, Ferriss. To share the love, Ferriss explains the method in his new book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex And Becoming Superhuman . To show our appreciation we, in turn, are now sharing this method with you and your partner. Listen and learn well, grasshopper...

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